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Riva Tecnoimpianti: internal customized painting service to meet all customer needs

Riva Tecnoimpianti was founded in 1968 and is one of the most interesting and established companies in the field of sales and support for the hydraulics industry. It also makes light metal carpentry elements of different types.

Due to its many years of experience in the industry, and to the expertise of a team of specialist technical engineers, Riva Tecnoimpianti, which is headquartered in the province of Lecco, guarantees a full service, starting from design through to the creation of hydraulic systems for a range of different applications

To complete the full range of its manufacturing activities, Riva Tecnoimpianti also offers the possibility to use its internal painting service which, as well as completing the process, allows the company to complete every type of customer request.

The paint booth: a flexible structure that adapts to all needs

For its painting services, Riva Tecnoimpianti uses next-generation machinery, including cutting-edge booths with oven, to achieve optimum results.

These are in fact a type of vanguard equipment that can be used to create non-toxic paintwork, thanks to the use of water-based paints that guarantee end results of the highest quality.

The paint booth used by Riva Tecnoimpianti is characterised by its flexibility. It is in fact possible to treat products of any size, from small items to large manufactured pieces of metal structural work.

According to the item to be painted, the company team will listen to the specific requests of the customer and use the best possible techniques and paints to reach the set aim, in order to achieve a guaranteed result.

How the painting process takes place at Riva Tecnoimpianti in Lecco

The in-house painting service at Riva Tecnoimpianti in Lecco stands out for its quality and for the attention that its specialist technical engineers can guarantee the company’s clients to succeed in meeting all types of specific request.

Paintwork applied to metal carpentry parts and to metals in general, serves to create a waterproof layer that prevents the surface from coming into direct contact with the surrounding, corrosive atmosphere.

Optimum performance is guaranteed by the application of paint directly on site, so that the best result is guaranteed, respecting the correct temperature and relative humidity.

It is this type of approach that ensures the client can receive a product with a far higher performance level. It is also very important to stress how the internal painting service allows the company also to have excellent control of pollution and waste.

On this subject, it is essential to highlight how Riva Tecnoimpianti is an extremely scrupulous company when it comes to respect for current safety laws. It is also very attentive to respecting and protecting the environment, using eco-friendly paints that do not use toxic products such as petroleum or highly harmful chemicals.

This way it is possible to combat carbon dioxide emissions and to safeguard the health of employees and customers.

Lastly, it is necessary to stress how this type of paint helps to support sustainability in the production cycle, too, given that it comes from recycled materials and the manufacturing stages have a lower impact.

On a technical level, painting cycles are structured in this way:

  • surface preparation stage;
  • application of a primer, if necessary;
  • possible intermediate coat;
  • final finish.

The quality of the paintwork also depends on the level of adhesion between the surface of the product being treated and the protective layers. Riva Tecnoimpianti manages this part of the job with careful preparation.

The optimum result is also guaranteed by the choice of paint that is most suited to the metal carpentry item and the quality of the products used. A great deal of attention goes into compliance with the specifications of the paint manufacturer so as not to alter the finished result.

The surface preparation treatment follows current regulations and is suited to the corrosion class. Other determining factors considered by Riva Tecnoimpianti include insulating capacity and diffusion resistance with regard to aggressive chemical elements.

The benefits of using the internal, customised painting service of Riva Tecnoimpianti in Lecco

Using Riva Tecnoimpianti means having the advantages of obtaining a customised internal painting service that can comply with every customer request.

This means that the finished product will have received all of the different painting stages that a manufactured item needs to receive.

The company also guarantees a quality finished result, thanks to the exclusive use of  cutting-edge, innovative machinery, as well as of specially developed paints that, as we have seen, mean we can also reduce environmental pollution.

The painting service is managed by a team of expert specialists who check every stage with the utmost precision. All of the standards envisaged for this field are complied with to ensure the right thickness, opaqueness, resistance (even in extreme external conditions), and colorimetry. In short, the customer is able to state their requests, which will be complied with carefully and professionally.

They also have the advantage of being able to choose from a vast number of available colours, a characteristic that offers a much higher level of customisation for products. The use of cutting-edge painting booths provides a finished result that is both flawless and aesthetically perfect, so as to make it even more durable.

Lastly, Riva Tecnoimpianti is synonymous with reliability, with an internal painting service that has full certification for this sector. This guarantees the end customer will receive a technical standard able to perform perfectly in line with their needs.

Since the service is provided in house, the benefits include fast turnaround times but with no drop in finished paintwork quality.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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With its customised internal painting service, RIVA TECNOIMPIANTI undertakes to meet the needs of its customers with precision and efficiency