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For over 50 years, Riva Tecnoimpianti has been manufacturing and machining metal parts in general, in iron, stainless steel and other materials on request

Decades of experience have allowed the company to create an endless range of items that can meet even the most specific requests and to cover multiple areas of the current marketplace. Riva Tecnoimpianti’s strength lies in its ability to execute projects managing them precisely and promptly in house, throughout the production cycle and guaranteeing quality products at competitive prices as an end result.

Each phase is painstakingly coordinated, beginning with technical development and the procurement of raw materials, then following this up with the individual processing stages, through to the final tests.
The company is able to offer dedicated spaces and qualified staff to carry out tests and inspections in the presence of third parties and/or the end client.


The first processing stage in executing a metalwork project involves cutting the metal sheet to size.


One of the machining processes in the execution of a metal work project is bending sheet: a cold metal working process that is carried out using a bending machine.


Riva Tecnoimpianti has three welding stations, including one entirely dedicated to the assembly and welding of stainless steel.


Riva Tecnoimpianti carries out precision mechanical processing on items in different materials, both in its workshops and through its partnerships.


To complement the production process, Riva Tecnoimpianti offers a dedicated in-house painting service able to meet all client specifications.


Riva Tecnoimpianti is able to manufacture different types of electro-welded medium-heavy carpentry constructions.

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