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Riva Tecnoimpianti is a dynamic mechanical engineering company working mainly in the design, production and repair of hydraulic units.

Decades of experience in the hydraulics industry, as achieved by the company founders and subsequently developed by their heirs, has allowed the company a detailed, specific know-how that means it can meet even the most demanding requests.

The high degree of professionalism and expertise of the technical staff, together with the typical flexibility of a medium-sized business allow Riva Tecnoimpianti to deal with every single request with fast turnaround times, also providing all of the support and consulting services needed to find solutions to your specific problem. The company is also organised with mobile technical engineers who are available for immediate and/or scheduled technical interventions.

Control units

Riva Tecnoimpianti builds hydraulic control units to client specifications or to in-house designs.

Power vaults

Riva Tecnoimpianti makes accumulators of different types and capacities, in compliance with the main international specifications and regulations.

Hydraulic blocks

Hydraulic blocks are hydraulic manifolds that regulate the flow of fluid between pumps and actuators and other components in hydraulic systems.

Valve banks

A valve bank is an assembly consisting of one or more blocks, by a metal support structure and by electrical wiring, where required.

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