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About us

Founded by brothers Alessandro and Pietro Riva in 1968, Riva Tecnoimpianti now has around 15 employees and is a consolidated company in the field of sales and assistance for the hydraulic sector and in the creation of light and heavy steelwork, including tanks, frames, bases, and supports of different types.

With the aim of further boosting the company, the Riva family decided to expand the business, and in May 2022, it joined the Vemarfin group – already owners of AZMEC SRL, a company manufacturing liquid-ring vacuum pumps and for years, the reference client for Riva Tecnoimpianti; the transfer of company stock brought about a change in management, decided by the new owners in agreement with the Riva family, whose members naturally continue to work within the company, in line with the new strategies put in place by the new management.

Company headquarters, in Verderio (LC), cover a surface area of more than 2000 m².
Experience, commitment and expertise have allowed the company to become established in both the hydraulic and industrial steelwork sectors, covering a range of applications.

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Dynamic and operating mainly in the design, production and repair of hydraulic power stations.


Production and processing of carpentry details in general, both in iron and stainless steel and other materials on request.


Riva Tecnoimpianti offers its customers various services to satisfy every need.