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Certified Welding Processes: Riva Tecnoimpianti’s Quality Assurance

The certified welding processes employed by Riva Tecnoimpianti in its production cycle represent the guarantee of service and product quality offered, in addition to compliance with international standards and current regulations, as also demonstrated by the certifications held; this shows the attention the company pays to every operational procedure to ensure customer satisfaction with all possible needs.

Riva Tecnoimpianti’s Certified Welding Processes

Riva Tecnoimpianti’s constant pursuit of perfecting welding techniques has led, in the light and heavy carpentry industry, to the use of processes for carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, known as MAG and TIG – the choice of which depends on factors such as the type of metal, material thickness, and project specifications – and certified according to ISO 3834-2 standards.


MAG welding – Metal-arc Active Gas – is ideal for working with carbon steels and is characterized by the use of a continuous wire as an electrode and an active gas, such as carbon dioxide, for two main reasons: shielding the weld pool and absence of slag, making it relatively economical as fewer applications are needed – resulting in deeper penetration – to fill the joint.


The TIG techniqueTungsten Inert Gas – is ideal when welding thin material levels, in the order of a few tenths of a millimeter and is therefore excellent for applications in aerospace, automotive, and semiconductor fields. It uses arc welding with a tungsten non-consumable electrode and the presence of inert gas as protection, and can be performed with or without filler metal, offering great control and precision in the operation.

How Riva Tecnoimpianti Obtains Welding Process Certification

The above procedures require high-level skills, and Riva Tecnoimpianti’s operators are qualified according to parameters set by ISO 9606, which includes welding test specifications such as the welding type with respective technical specifications, base metal to be operated on with dimensions of components to be welded, joint nature, and filler material.

Moreover, qualification rules leading to a triennial authorization to ensure maximum competence in the field are established by subcategories QG, containing general specifications of welding processes, and QW, listing the requirements a weld must meet, contained in ASME IX connected to the aforementioned ISO standard.

This way, Riva Tecnoimpianti ensures the production of CE-marked structures and components up to EXC-3 class.

To obtain welding process certification, besides the specialization of the personnel involved, it’s necessary to guarantee temporal repeatability, achieved through the drafting of a WPS – Welding Procedure Specification, a document containing the specification of parameters used to perform the operation and qualifying with the issuance of a WPQR – Welding Procedure Qualification Report.

Finally, Riva Tecnoimpianti prepares the Welding Book related to the contract, summarizing the content of the two previous documents, following parameters established by ISO 15614-1 / ASME IX, to demonstrate to the client or the relevant authority that the produced joints possess the required mechanical properties.

Why Certified Welding Processes Are Important

Riva Tecnoimpianti is well aware that certified welding processes are essential to ensure the quality of its workmanship, which is why, combining its decades of experience with cutting-edge technical skills, it is committed to ensuring the utmost reliability of its products and services, as well as the safety and perfection of welded joints that can thus be employed in any operational context, civil and industrial structure.