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after-sales and spare parts service

Did you know that Riva Tecnoimpianti offers an after-sales and spare parts service?

Riva Tecnoimpianti is a consolidated concern in the hydraulic system industry and in the manufacture of metal structural items, both lightweight and heavy duty: tanks, frames, bases and supports in iron and stainless steel, as well as in other materials on request.

In over 50 years in the business, it has achieved precious experience, which it places at the service of clients to provide them with guaranteed maximum satisfaction for all their working needs.

This is all thanks especially to the fact that Riva Tecnoimpianti is able to provide an after-sales assistance and spare parts supply service able to meet any needs, promptly and with the utmost professionalism.

Riva Tecnoimpianti sectors: hydraulic units

Hydraulics are always the flagship and core-business of Riva Tecnoimpianti, thanks to the experience of the company founders and their heirs, the expertise of a highly specialist staff, and the flexibility of a medium-sized business.

After taking a thorough look at the needs of the client, the next step is to choose the very best materials to make a hydraulic unit; the designs may be provided by the client or directly produced in the technical department at Riva Tecnoimpianti.

The preliminary diagrams are then transferred to drawings created using sophisticated 2D and 3D programs.

After everything has been approved, the next steps are creation, installation and testing which follows the stringent regulations set down by ISO 9001 certification.

Riva Tecnoimpianti dedicates the same care and attention to the design and construction of pressurised fluid accumulators, used – individually or in banks of several units – in many industrial spheres.

Moreover, Riva Tecnoimpianti also makes hydraulic manifold blocks in different materials: steel, aluminium or cast iron

For everything to be constantly under control and easily manoeuvred without moving away from the systems, above all in large-scale hydraulic systems, the company designs, builds, and installs sophisticated valve banks, consisting of a metal structure that supports the different system blocks and the relevant wiring.

These are the simplest, safest means to guarantee the best efficiency, maintenance and safety for the system.

Naturally, Riva Tecnoimpianti guarantees an after-sales service with the best assistance and the availability of spares for all of their installations.

Riva Tecnoimpianti sectors: metal structures

Riva Tecnoimpianti applies know-how built up over decades of experience in the manufacture of its metal structures, supervising all of the cycles in the production process and creating a wide range of products characterised by top quality and competitive prices.

From the purchase of the best raw materials, through to the final inspection, the qualified company staff will always accompany the end customer through to their final goal.

Of course, in this case too, after-sales and assistance, as well as the availability of spare parts are all guaranteed by Riva Tecnoimpianti.

The plants use a sophisticated plasma machine to cut sheet metal to size.

This technology provides fast, super-accurate cuts, with greater cost efficiency compared to laser cutting.

The next step is bending, which is carried out cold using a modern press brake. Qualified professionals with ISO 9606/ASME IX standard certification work in three welding stations to welded joints of the highest quality.

The same attention is dedicated to the whole series of precision mechanical processing, such as milling and turning, which are all performed under the close control of the careful eye of a specialist operator. Thanks to collaboration with skilled and reliable partners, Riva Tecnoimpianti is able to guarantee surface treatments and other processing, including stress-relieving, solubilization, induction hardening, chrome plating, zinc plating, anodising, rubberising, sandblasting and passivation…

In the paint booths, it is possible to treat all metal surfaces, whatever the sizes and types, to meet the requirements of the customer.

Whether bases, casings, tanks of all shapes and sizes, plumb bobs, supports, valve, metal steps and ladders, or other items, Riva Tecnoimpianti is able to carry out designs, drawings and manufacture.

Assistance and spare parts warehouse: that extra step

Today, a serious, scrupulous company must be able to ensure its customers with regard to the problems and the economic damage resulting from breakdowns, anomalies or halted production.

This is why Riva Tecnoimpianti has prepared – for all hydraulic systems it makes – a detailed archive of the technical characteristics with regard to installation at customer plants.

The assistance service is therefore able to intervene quickly and efficiently on site.

Also in order to guarantee the best possible service for its customers, Riva Tecnoimpianti also has a fully equipped spare parts warehouse that uses modern, dedicated management software to keep it continuously stocked and up to date.

Motors, valves, filters, pumps, accumulators and any other hydraulic parts are rapidly available so that customer needs can always be met.

Manufacturing excellent products and successfully selling these products is a source of great satisfaction for any company operating in a specific industry like hydraulics and metal structures, but being able to count on an efficient after-sales and spare parts service means that the customers of Riva Tecnoimpianti can get on with the job, confidently and with peace of mind.