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Hydraulic Units for the oil&gas industry

Design and production of Hydraulic Units for the oil&gas industry

For more than fifty years, the company has been working in the design and production of Hydraulic Units for the oil&gas industry, Riva Tecnoimpianti provides assistance to the hydraulic sector and for the manufacture of items in metal structures.

Riva Tecnoimpianti carries out its tasks to extremely high levels of efficiency inside a covered plant of more than 2000 m², where expert professionals use machinery able to boost the design and production of Hydraulic Units for the oil&gas industry.

How is a hydraulic unit designed?

The hydraulic unit design service, which operates to the highest quality, offers the most suitable solutions based on the actual potential workload, while remaining absolutely cost effective.

Carrying out work to high standards also means taking different elements into account in order to understand the actual needs of the customer.

Firstly, the technical engineers working with the company carry out a careful analysis of requirements, paying attention to factors such as system use, motor power, and other conditions to which the system is subject, as well as the stroke of the cylinders.

Only at the end of an in-depth analysis is it possible to proceed with the choice of parts that will build the unit. Each part will be of the highest quality and made in full compliance with current standards.

At the end of the manufacturing process, the company will perform an inspection and put it into operation, a task required before it is possible to issue the relevant documentation.

Hydraulic parts

When assisting clients, both in cases of design and when all that is needed is to change some of the parts of the unit, Riva Tecnoimpianti offers the possibility to choose from a wide range of solutions.

The company warehouse has a vast range of hydraulic parts to choose from, based on client needs.

As well as hydraulic components, the company offers the possibility to purchase tanks with recovery tanks.

Previous experience, together with the recent acquisition of Vemarfin srl has in fact allowed the company to understand client requests and, as a result of this, to select only those items that will make a hydraulic unit even more efficient.

The ultra-new, dedicated management software for warehouse control means it is possible to progress work with the sole aim of meeting fast turnaround times to satisfy every client request, offering only items that are able to guarantee practical use and value for money.

Hydraulic unit assembly, painting and inspection

The hydraulic unit design or repair service also includes services regarding the assembly and painting of each single part.

Assembly and subsequent painting operations will be performed at the Verderio plant using first category tools and machinery including, for example, a next-generation painting booth with oven able to make paintwork completely non-toxic.

At the end of the production process, Riva Tecnoimpianti is able to carry out a full inspection of the system within a short timeframe, also taking care to issue documents to regulate use.


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